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Den Publishing Company (DPC) was founded in 2002.  In 2004, DPC released "Christmas Time Surprises", A True Story Based On The Spirit of Giving!  In 2005, DPC began selling nationally and published "My Child's First Reading Book", which Turns A Non-Reader Into A Reader with phonics (written and used by Nick to turn his Kindergartner from non-reader to reader, so it really was his child's first reading book!).  We published "Full-Charge Bookkeeping" For the Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Bookkeeper (including the "Home Study Course Edition") in 2008, based on Nick's extensive bookkeeping/accounting experience. And in 2009, we released "Student's First Reading Book" (= 3rd Edition).  In 2010, Den Publishing Company published "The Phonics Reading Book" (equivalent to the 4th Edition of My Child's First Reading Book).  In 2013, we introduced "The Alphabet Book", as well as "Pre-Phonics for Preschoolers" - which bridges the alphabet to phonics, with phonemic (or sound) awareness. Finally in 2014, we brought it all together under one title, "Alphabet to Phonics".  In 2015, we (via the founder N. J. DeCandia, CPA) introduced our Certification program for Full Charge Bookkeepers. Reference:

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